Elizabeth Building & Loan Association, Inc.
Elizabeth Building & Loan Association, Inc. 

Our Story

In 1912 the founding members formed a mutual association named Elizabeth Building & Loan.  Collectively the members put in their own funding to provide resources for lending.  EB&L offers an alternative lending opportunity for first time home owners, repeat borrowers and investors.  Providing a lender that is understanding and receptive to different and individual circumstances.  EB&L is able to provide lending when other lending sources cannot or will not approve a loan.


To this day the association remains privately held by shareholders, and promissory note holders.  At EB&L we can make smaller loans to private owners, investors, businesses, churches and other organizations.  We strictly lend on real property, but we do not lend on vacant land.  There must be enough equity in the property to meet the evaluation requirements and receive approval from our board of directors.  


EB&L Services 100% of our loans.  Our office team can assist you with all of your mortgage servicing needs. You may call anytime during normal business hours and we will gladly assist you.

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